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Ronit Kamra

If you’re looking for Ronit Kamra’s Biography, Age, and Age Family Movies Images, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find the facts you need to know about this aspiring actress. Besides acting, Ronit enjoys participating in sports, especially dancing. She also enjoys watching television shows and skating. In addition to her impressive career, Ronit has a rich and diverse personal life.


The Indian baby actress Ronit Kamra has achieved great success for her role in Jersey. She has worked in a number of Telugu films and appeared alongside Mrunal Thakur in the Hindi remake. Born in Delhi, India, she took up modelling when she was just four years old. She has been seen in several ads for brands such as FAB India and Path Kind. Before her breakthrough role in Jersey, she starred in 25 other advertisements.

The Telugu film Jersey was the first major hit for Ronit Kamra in the Telugu language. However, she has been a rising star in the Indian film industry. She made her debut in Nani’s super hit film Jersey, and has since signed on to work in many films for the Telugu language. In addition, she has acted in popular films including Jersey and Rang De.


Social Media Profiles

If you want to know what Ronit Kamra is up to outside of the media, you can check out her social media profiles. The young actor and comedian is an active participant in sports, dance, and other social activities. You can also find out about her hobbies and interests on her Wikipedia page and her Facebook page. You can follow Ronit Kamra on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and photos.

Born in New Delhi, India, Ronit Kamra has become a popular face in the media as a child actor. In addition to her starring role in the Telugu version of Jersey, she starred alongside Shahid Kapoor in the Hindi remake of the same movie. In addition to her work on Jersey, she has acted in other Telugu films and television commercials, including Rang De (2021) and Ghani (2022).


Ronit Kamra is an Indian model and child actor. He rose to fame after playing Shahid Kapoor’s son in the Telugu movie Jersey (2022). Born on 3 December 2010, Ronit is a Sagittarius. His father works as an assistant manager at PVR Limited in Delhi. Before acting in Jersey, he appeared in over 25 commercials. The model has a younger brother and no sister.

Besides acting, Ronit is also an avid sportsperson and participates in various sports activities. Her Facebook profile also provides a wealth of information on the model’s background, family life, and hobbies. She is also active in sports and dance. You can learn more about Ronit Kamra by checking out her biography. It is always interesting to know who you are rooting for. Here are some of her achievements.


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Ronit Kamra


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