Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S7+ Users Can Now Play Fortnite at 90FPS Frame Rate



Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale game Fortnite can now be played on high frame rates on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S7+. Samsung has unlocked 90FPS gameplay on its latest Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ starting today, meaning Fortnite players can now experience 90FPS gameplay on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 models as well. Fortnite is the first game Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 users will be able to play at a 90FPS frame rate. In order to play at a 90FPS frame rate, users will need to either update Fortnite or download the latest version from Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

Before the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, only OnePlus smartphones (OnePlus 7 Pro and above) and Apple iPad Pro users were able to play Fortnite at a 90FPS frame rate. Samsung’s Galaxy Store is the only app market where Fortnite is available for mobile users, since Apple and Google have pulled the game from their respective app stores. While one doesn’t need an app store to download Fortnite as Epic Games offers a way for users to sideload the app, the Galaxy Store is a helpful option for those in the Samsung ecosystem.

This move helps both Samsung and Epic Games. While Epic Games only has such limited opportunities to grow Fortnite’s user base, using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or Galaxy Tab S7+ will drive users towards Samsung for the high frame rate gameplay that provides gamers an edge.


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