Saved by the Bell Season 2 Official Release Date

Saved by the Bell Season 2 Official Release Date
Saved by the Bell Season 2 Official Release Date

Saved by the Bell season 2 updates: In the full teaser for Season 2, the Saved by the Bell revival revives the animosity between Bayside and Valley – offering some signature early ’90s looks (premiering Wednesday, November 24).

The Southern California School Spirit Competition pits Bayside against Valley (and Miss Trunchbull’s Academy for Giant Athletic Girls) in its second season, and it’s not just the current student body competing. Kelly (all beat up and back in her old cheerleading costume), Slater (permed and dressed in his wrestling gear), and Jessie (in curls, rocking her signature denim shirt and vest combo) stand on the sidelines as Bag she passes at 1:25.

Jessie is also seen negotiating a single life in the clip. The fact that everyone (even math teacher Mr. Dewey) knows she’s going through a tumultuous divorce from Jamie’s father Rene adds to the confusion. Kelly, on the other hand, believes it is fate that Jessie and Slater are still together.

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Saved by the Bell Season 2 Official Release Date

Jessie, on the other hand, has her sights set on a rambunctious firefighter. (At one point, Dr. Spano stands against a fire pole and gives the emergency responder bedroom eyes, a clear reference to Elizabeth Berkley Lauren’s performance in the 1995 cult film Showgirls.)

We also see most of the actors from the original series gathered in The Max, presumably to pay tribute to their late comrade Screech, including Lark Voorhies’ Lisa. She appears alongside her fellow Bayside graduates in Season 2 rather than via FaceTime. (Click here to learn more about SBTB’s upcoming Dustin Diamond tribute.)

The Season 2 finale teases the rise of Covid-19 on the show. In Season 2, the students are ready to enter the Southern California School Spirit Competition. We will see the character mature and take the decisions of their lives into their own hands. Mac will be out of his father’s shadow. Daisy is going to pay more attention to her love life.

You’ll be more excited to know that Lexi’s Saved by the Bell Season 2 character was written only for Totah, a show producer.

She was saved by the second season of Bell, which aired on Peacock on November 24.

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