Selvaraghavan Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Images

Selvaraghavan Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Images
Selvaraghavan Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Images



In recent years, Indian film director and screenwriter Selvaraghavan has gained a lot of popularity. While directing predominantly Tamil films, his talents span across several other genres. Here are some interesting facts about Selvaraghavan:


If you are interested in knowing Selvaraghavan’s biography, then you have come to the right place. Selvaraghavan is a director and screenwriter whose films primarily revolve around the Tamil language. Read on for his fascinating life and achievements. He was born in Chennai, India, and is one of the most successful film directors of all time. Selvaraghavan’s biography will give you the inside scoop on his life and career.

Born in India, Selvaraghavan is the son of a Tamil film director and a doctor. In his early days, he wrote screenplays for his father’s films, and later on, started directing his own movies. His early films were coming-of-age films, romantic dramas, and science fiction, with some even touching parallel universes. In the same year, he received his B Tech in Mechanical Engineering and was signed by a number of top studios.

Social Media Profiles

Director Selvaraghavan recently shared cryptic pictures on his social media profiles. One of them read: “It’s OK to not be OK.” The caption of the photos also included words like angry, frustrated, isolated, overwhelmed, and more. Fans expressed concern over the actor’s mental health. Selvaraghavan’s acting debut is his first feature film, and he has collaborated with Dhanush in movies such as Kaadhal Kondein and Pudupetta.

As an actor, Selvaraghavan has a dedicated fan following on Twitter and Instagram. In his acting debut, he played a role in ‘Beast’ with Vijay. In his next movie, ‘Saani Kaayidham,’ he played a protagonist, with actress Keerthy Suresh as his partner. Selvaraghavan’s social media profiles reveal his personal life as well as his work.


If you’re an avid cinephile, you’re probably interested in learning more about Indian film director Selvaraghavan. This Tamil-speaking screenwriter and director has directed predominantly Tamil films. His resume is full of accolades and awards, including a number of Golden Globe nominations. Below are some Selvaraghavan facts:

Born in Kerala, Selvaraghavan is one of the oldest Tamil film stars. He started directing films at a very young age. His first film, 7G Rainbow Colony, was a hit. Selvaraghavan was also involved in several Bollywood films. He starred in two films with Vivek Oberoi, including the critically acclaimed “Silver Lining.” In the Telugu film Mr Karthik, Selvaraghavan rewrote the script.

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