Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat reveal what they find attractive about each other; Don’t miss their adorable PIC


Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat developed a close bond during their recent stint on Bigg Boss OTT. Even after the reality show has ended, the two of them have been making headlines with their pictures and recent outing together. Although Shamita and Raqesh have not made their relationship official, netizens can see sparks of something romantic cooking between them. A few hours back, Shamita came live on Instagram where she was joined by Raqesh. The two answered some interesting questions from fans, and soon after Shamita shared an adorable picture with him on Instagram. 

When a few hours back Shamita & Raqesh came live on Instagram, fans flooded them with interesting and exciting questions. Among them was a question that asked them to describe the first thing they noticed and found attractive about each other. To this, Shamita answered, “For me, it was Raqesh’s simplicity…that’s what attracted me to him.” Raqesh also answered the question and shared that he likes that Shamita is very transparent. “I think Shamita is very….jo hain who dikhta hain,” said the actor. 

Furthermore, the two of them also revealed their favorite memory with each other inside the Bigg Boss OTT house. Shamita said, “The one that will stay with me always is the times we spent at outside the garden area, we had this long table. We would sit there and carve some stuff onto the table and do our little artwork together and that was our thing there…our moment together.” Raqesh too referred to similar memories with Shamita in the house. 

Another fan asked Shamita to use three words that describe Raqesh perfectly, and she replied with ‘Deep’, ‘Passionate about everything he does’, and ‘introvert’. When asked the similar question, he described Shamita as “warm, cute, and very caring”. He even said that she’s a superhuman.

Click HERE to watch Shamita and Raqesh’s Live session on Instagram. 

At the end of the live, Raqesh and Shamita appeared together on the same screen and surprised fans who were under the impression that they were at two different locations. 

After the Live ended, Shamita shared an absolutely adorable picture featuring her and Raqesh together from the session. Sharing the picture Shamita wrote, “We’re on point @raqeshbapat #ShaRa #StayConnected #connection”. 

Take a look: 

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