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Shamita Shetty

Known for her role as Ishika in Mohabbatein, Shamita Shetty studied interior design in 2011 and created a unique project for the Royalty Club in Mumbai. After graduating from Central Saint Martins and the Inchbald School of Design in London, she made her Bollywood debut in 2001 with the film Mohabbatein. She received an IIFA Award for Best Female Star Debut in 2001 for her role as Ishika.

Shamita Shetty’s gluten-free diet

A popular celebrity is turning to a gluten-free diet for relief from her ulcerative colitis. Gluten sensitivity is a growing problem for people suffering from digestive issues. Gluten is a food ingredient that triggers the autoimmune disorder celiac disease. In one study, 65 percent of IBD patients experienced relief from their symptoms when they adopted a gluten-free diet. For Shetty, a gluten-free diet is one of the most important aspects of her treatment for her disease.


Earlier, the actress revealed that she is on a gluten-free diet to treat an inflammatory bowel disease, called Colitis. The inflammatory bowel disease causes the inner lining of the large intestine and colon to become inflamed. Several other celebrities have also been forced to go gluten-free due to health concerns. Those celebrities who have been on a gluten-free diet can enjoy a fuller life on this diet and still eat a normal diet.

Shamita Shetty’s bond with Raqesh Bapat

In recent times, Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat’s relationship has made headlines. The two have been spotted walking hand-in-hand in the city. The actor recently said that he considers Shamita as his ‘dear friend’. Let’s see how their relationship developed. Let’s first take a look at Raqesh’s love life.

Shamita Shetty’s views on Raj Kundra’s p*rn case

After gaining massive popularity in the Bigg Boss 15 house, Shamita Shetty recently shared her views on Raj Kundra’s p *rn case. She revealed that her sister Shilpa Shetty was left alone in the house when Raj Kundra was arrested. Shamita Shetty was asked if she was aware of the business dealings of Raj Kundra.

The actress, who lives in a high-class Mumbai home, has been a constant target of sexist remarks and allegations. The actress recently posted cryptic comments on Twitter in response to the trolling and allegations aimed at her sister. The actress’s comments on Raj Kundra’s p*rn case have caused an uproar in the media.

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