Smitha Vijay (Vijay Babu’s Wife) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Images

Smitha Vijay (Vijay Babu’s Wife) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Images

Whether you’re looking for facts about Smitha Vijay or just curious about her Biography, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers her Age, Biography, Social Media Profiles, and more! Read on to learn more about this famous actress. She was born on July 29, 1976, in India, under the zodiac sign Leo.


Smitha Vijay was born in Kerala, India. She is a popular actress in Malayalam films and was married to Vijay Babu in the late 1990s. She has a son, Bharath Vijay, with the actor. Smitha’s wiki biography gives a quick look at her childhood and marriage. Read on to learn more about her life and career!

Smitha Vijay was born on 22 June 1974 in Kollam, India. She completed her studies at a local school and went on to graduate from the University of Kollam. She belongs to the Indian nationality and is the daughter of Subashchandra Babu and Maya Babu. She has no children of her own. Smitha Vijay Babus Wiki Biography Age Family Images


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A popular Tamil actress, Smitha Vijay was born in Kerala, India. She is a married woman and has one child with her husband, Vijay Babu. She is well-known for her films like Sasural Sivam, Thalapathy, and Nayanthara. Vijay Babu is also a producer, having co-founded a film manufacturing company. In 2014, it was able to receive seven Kerala country film awards.

Born on July 29, 1976, in Kollam, Kerala, Vijay Babu is the son of Magesh and Subash Chandra. He has a sister named Vijayalakshmi Suraj. Vijay Babu studied at Loyola College in Chennai. He is married to Smitha and has one son, Bharath Babu.


The actress Smitha is a famous face in Telugu cinema. Born in Kerala, she is the wife of Vijay Babu. She became a famous actress when she filed a sexual abuse case against the actor. Smitha was a student of arts and studied in London before moving to the US. She has one daughter, Vijayalakshmi.

Born in Kerala, India, Smitha Vijay has been acting in movies for over a decade. He is a co-founder of the Friday movie residence with actress Sandra Thomas. His media career began at huge call India in Mumbai, where he worked for a year. In 2002, he was named an “awesome employee” of celeb television. After several years, he left his interest and ventured out as an entrepreneur in Dubai. Later, he worked at Asianet in Dubai and Sitara television in Hyderabad. In 2009, he returned to his native Kerala as a VP of Surya tv.


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Smitha Vijay (Vijay Babu’s Wife) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Images


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