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Splitsvilla is one of the popular TV reality shows that has been telecasting on the MTV channel. Currently, Splitsvilla 13 has been broadcasting on the MTV channel every Friday at 7 PM. It is a dating reality show hosted by Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone. Audience are excited to know about Splitsvilla 13 elimination contestant name, fights, ideal matches, task and other updates.

The show is about a young boy and girls who form relationships to survive on the show. They all perform a task to remain on the show. The cutest and best-performing couple will be the winners of Splitsvilla.

The show has a lot of emotions including jealousy, hatred, friendship, stabbing in the back, breakups, and lots of fights. To make people more excited and entertained, the makers announce different concepts every season.

Splitsvilla 13 is based entirely on the Greek mythology Cupid’s arrow. Makers separate the villa into two villas (Golden Villa and Silver Villa). All the task winners will get a chance to stay at the Gold Villa and the rest will stay at the Silver Villa.

From 12 December 2020 Rannvijay and Suuny Leone announce the audition and confirmed the first contestant, Kevin Almasifar. Auditions are organizing online due to pandemics.

In the second audition on 13th December 2021, the show host confirmed the first female contestant, Nikita Bhamidipati. Also, she had a responsibility to choose one winner from ten handsome auditionees.

On December 19, the special guest of the third audition is Neha Dhupia. Here Salman Zaidi, the winner of Ace of Space 2, has to choose the best connection from the ten contestants. However, Salman later had to leave the show due to poor health.

20 December 2020 is the last audition where Vidya Malvade is the guest of honor. Then, Riya Kishanchandani, who is a popular social media influencer, will have to choose one male contestant out of 10 to make her connection in Splitsvilla. And the rest of the contestants will be selected by the audience. Vyomesh Kaul and Samruddhi Jadhav were selected and become the part of Splitsvilla 13 contestants list.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 All Episodes

  1. Episode 1 (6th March 2021): Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone has started the show on the MTV channel with the introduction of all the contestants. And the most cupid arrow contestant will get a chance to stay in Golden Villa which is Kevin, Nikhil, and Vyomesh.
  2. Episode 2 (13 March 2021): The all the 3 Golden villa contestant gets a chance to goes on a date with single girls. All three contestants have chosen their girls. Kevin chose Kat, Nikhil chose Pallak, and Vyomesh ditched Arushi and chose Bhoomika.
  3. Episode 3 (20 March 2021): The highest silver arrows contestant hot a chance to perform a task and win a Golden opportunity challenge. They have to choose one Golden Villa boys. On the same day, Splitsvilla had their 1st dome session. Where Vyomesh and Bhoomika are not the ideal matches.
  4. Episode 4 (27 March 2021): In the musical hug tug task Vyomesh Koul challenges Shivam Sharma for a tug of war challenge. In that task, Azma Falla and Vyomesh Koul won.
  5. Episode 5 (3 April 2021): Vyomesh and Azma get an opportunity to go on a date with three contestants. Azma enjoys a date with Jay, Gary, and Shivam where Vyomesh finds himself battling with words in front of Aarushi Chib. He later had his Golden Opportunity Task Stretch, Match, and Win to perform in the trio.
  6. Episode 6 (10 April 2021): There will be a fight between Riya and Shivam because of the task. And Shivan wants to make a connection with Nikita. Later Kevin tell Vyomesh that he can’t trust him.
  7. Episode 7 (17 April 2021): Nikhil CHinappa announce the two wild card entries Devashish and Sapna Malik. And both have performed a secret task to win an opportunity.
  8. Episode 8 (24 April 2021): Nikita Bhamidipati performs the task to prove himself. In addition, Kat Kristian and Kevin Almasifar are the first ideal match of Splitsvilla 13.
  9. Episode 9 (1 May 2021): Splitsvilla 13 Elimination Kat and Kevin rewarded several opportunities. While on the other side, Vyomesh and Arushi enjoy a gold villa.
  10. Episode 10 (8 May 2021): Nikita Bhamidipati’s trying to waste Nikhil’s time during a task and had a Catfight with Bhoomika Vasisht.
  11. Episode 11 (15 May 2021): A heartbreaking double eviction of Janvi Sikaria & Devashish Chandaramani. Where Gary Lu make emotional after Janvi eliminated.
  12. Episode 12 (22 May 2021): While silver connection challenge. All the contestants have to write a pickup line for girls according to different situations. Where Shivan recites the same pickup line which she told for Sapna Malik.
  13. Episode 13 (29th May 2021): Vyomesh and Aarushi are not a perfect match. They have to bear the consequences. A fight between Vyomesh & Aarushi and Shivam & Riya. Vyomesh & Aarushi win the task with the help of Dhruv & Sapna. Riya eliminated from the show at the end of the episode.
  14. Episode 14 (5th June 2021): All the contestants performing the Entertainment task. Nikhil & Bhumika and Shivam and Pallak is the winner of the Entertainment task.
  15. Episode 15 (12th June 2021): Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput become the second ideal match.
  16. Episode 16 (19th June 2021): Vyomesh Koul left the show due to injury.
  17. Episode 20 (17th July 2021): Garry Lu and Avantika got eliminated by ideal match.

Splitsvilla 13 Ideal Match Couples

  • Kat Kristian and Kevin Almasifar is the first ideal match of Splitsvilla 13.
  • Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput is the second ideal match of Splitsvilla 13.

Splitsvilla 13 Elimination Contestant Name List – Dumping Zone

Splitsvilla 13 Boys:

Sr No.NameAgeHometownVillaDumped Status
1Kevin Almasifar24Pune, IndiaGolden VillaN/ADisqualified
(18th Sep 2021)
2Vyomesh Koul22Delhi, IndiaSilver VillaN/AQuit

(19th June 2021)

3Jay Dudhane23Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaN/ASemi-finalists
4Samarthya Gupta24Jammu, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(11th Sep 2021)
5Dhruv Malik19Punjab, IndiaGolden VillaN/ASemi-finalists
6Trevon Dias25Goa, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(18th Sep 2021)
7Shivam Sharma24Delhi, IndiaSilver VillaN/AFinalist
8Nikhil Malik23Delhi, IndiaGolden VillaN/ASemi-finalists
9Gary Lu21Dehradun, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(17th July 2021)
10Devashish20Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaKat-KevinEliminated
(15th May 2021)

Splitsvilla 13 Girls:

Sr No.NameAgeHometownVillaDumped Status
1Samruddhi Jadhav24Pune, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(18th Sep 2021)
2Riya Kishanchandni22Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(29th May 2021)
3Nikita Bhamidipati19Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(11th Sep 2021)
4Pallak Yadav23Chandigarh, IndiaSilver VillaN/ASemi-finalists
5Arushi Chib22Jammu, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(21st August 2021)
6Aditi Rajput26Dehradun, IndiaSilver VillaN/ASemi-finalists
7Janvi Sikaria27Kolkata, IndiaSilver VillaKat-KevinEliminated
(15th May 2021)
8Bhoomika Vashisht24Delhi, IndiaGolden VillaN/AFinalist
9Avantika Sharma24Shimla, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(25th September 2021
10Azma Fallah22Pune, IndiaSilver VillaNikhilEliminated
(10th April 2021)
11Kat Kristian23Assam, IndiaGolden VillaN/AEliminated
(18th Sep 2021)
12Shweta Nair24MumbaiSilver VillaNikhilEliminated
(10th April 2021)
13Sapna Malik21Chandigarh, IndiaGolden VillaN/ASemi-finalists

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