Stand Up Rahul Movie (2021): Cast, Roles, Crew, Release Date, Story, Trailer, Posters

Stand Up Rahul Movie (2021): Cast, Roles, Crew, Release Date, Story, Trailer, Posters
Stand Up Rahul Movie (2021): Cast, Roles, Crew, Release Date, Story, Trailer, Posters

Stand Up Rahul Movie; An interesting Hindi movie that does not have a huge fan following, Stand Up Rahul is an intriguing comedy that can be enjoyable both for the whole family and for those just looking to watch some good old fashion Hindi movies. The movie revolves around the fictitious role of Rahul, a comic artist who does stand up comedy. He soon realizes that he needs to learn how to stand up for himself when he finally discovers true love. His girlfriend turns out to be more than he thought and he realizes that he wants to do more than just stand up.


With a super-long name, this Hindi movie title sounds more like a comic opera than a comedy. It tells the story of a street-wise man named Santosh who is loved by everyone in the neighborhood but is shunned by his father. As a result, he goes into business for himself and becomes known as Santo Manandhar. Slowly, he realizes that people are drawn to his kind of straight forward manner and that is what he wants to do with his life. One day, a girl named Nandkumar Abbineni (played by Priyadarshan Soman Nair) comes to know of Santosh’s existence and he flees the city to go and study at a renowned university.

Stand Up Rahul Movie Story

The Stand Up Rahul Movie follows the life of Santosh over the next few years. Some of the highlights of this movie are Teja’s (Bala Sudha Mishra), his pursuit of truth and his relationship with Nandkumar (Nand Kumar). They become best friends and the film depict their hilarious antics as well as the follies that the two of them indulge in. Teja, a veteran comedian, plays the character of a cynical jokester who always has a dose of sarcasm aimed at the people around him. However, as the story progresses we come to know about his personal life too, which is more than just an average comedy routine. The Stand Up Rahul Movie is directed by Soman Nair, who also did the animation work for Disney’s Kung Mangai.

Although the story has many strong storylines, it is studded with a number of comic scenes. One scene in particular that stands out is when Santosh and Nandkumar are caught by the police and were taken to the lock-up block where they share a long conversation about religion and free thinking. The climax of the movie arrives when Teja, having finally escaped the gallows, chases Nand Kumar to a bus station, where he is shot dead by the guards outside. In the following scene, we see Teja suffer a bullet wound and is carried away by a motorist, who happens to be his childhood friend. The Stand Up Rahul Movie then cuts to Santo and Nandkumar’s parents driving away in a car, as seen through the perspective of a CCTV camera mounted on the car.

Surprisingly enough, the movie is not available for free on online DVD stores, as it is due to its very high quality footage. But the Stand Up Rahul downloads are available for free on several websites that have been licensed by studios like Sony Pictures Entertainment India, and the videos are encoded with a fair use material. The Stand Up Rahul downloads can be directly downloaded from these sites to a personal computer or iPod. The songs in the movie are in English, and the language features include karaoke, lyrics, music, and dialogue. The Stand Up Rahul downloads can also be played on portable digital audio players like the iPod and other portable media players like Nintendo Wii.

The Stand Up Rahul downloads can be loaded onto personal computers via CD or USB. After downloading the movie to a computer, the user needs to connect the speakers or headphones and start listening to the songs. However, due to a few illegal downloading sites on the Internet, it is recommended to use a high speed Internet connection to load the songs into the computer. In case, a broadband connection is not available in the home, then the downloading process will take at least a few hours.

The Stand Up Rahul movie is directed by S.S. Rajamouli, who previously worked on the similar film “Nana” (also starring Sharukh Khan). The story of the Stand Up Rahul is told in a set sequence, with each episode divided into four parts. The first part consists of songs and lyrics, while the second part showcases the different scenes, while the third part finally has the Nana and Rahul on a romantic date, which robs the viewer of his time and patience. The stand up comedy has received warmly critical responses from critics and viewers alike, and is expected to rake in more Indian box office hits next month. “The Stand Up Rahul” is yet to lose its grip on the hearts of movie lovers and has the potential to break the Indian record for the number of foreign films made within a single year.

The release of the Stand Up Rahul movie has also triggered several e-commerce options in the country. A number of Indian movie downloads sites like VivaVoider, Prahalin Online, Zabiboo, Big Movies, etc have come up with special features to allow people to download the film. These sites offer a variety of Stand Up Comedy songs that are compatible with most computers. It is also possible for people residing in India to access the Indian version of this film on their PCs. While cyber laws prevent foreign websites from offering pirated versions of movies, people living in India can legally download the Stand Up Rahul online for free.

Stand Up Rahul Movie Trailer

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