Survivors of car accidents, advocates concerned about insurance law change

Brandon Clark, 26, of Petoskey survived a horrific car accident when he was just 18 months old, which left him paralyzed for the rest of his life and left in the care of his parents, Lela and Jared.  A recent update to Michigan's flawless auto insurance policy has resulted in changes to the services available to Clark.

Survivors of traumatic car accidents and those who care for them received what some saw as a crushing blow on Friday, July 2.

As part of changes to Michigan’s auto insurance law, the most recent elements of which took effect Friday, there will be a new set of reimbursement schedules for medical services not yet covered by the federal Medicare law.

Some advocates for survivors of catastrophic car accidents, such as the family of 26-year-old Brandon Clark of Petoskey, say the law changes will drastically limit their access to the medical care they need.

The recent change cuts the amount that insurance companies must pay local providers for post-acute medical care for accident victims to just 55 percent of what they previously paid, as well as the number of hours family members can act as carers to 56 hours per day. week.

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