The Chi renewed for a season 5: Will it be extended, canceled at Showtime?


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Will it be extended, canceled at Showtime?  The lastAfter the finale airing tonight on Showtime, you can expect the Chi season 5 is going to happen? Or is it more likely that the show will be cancelled? In this piece, of course, we’re going to do our part to break that down.

So where do we start here? With facts of course! It’s really the only thing that makes any sense. At the time of writing, there is no confirmation that the show will be extended, even though we’d like to hope it will.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be quite difficult to gauge the long-term future of a show like the chi, and there are a number of different reasons for this. For starters, we’re talking about a show that generates most of its viewership from streaming and DVR/On-Demand viewings. We could sit here and talk at length about the live songs, but in the end those ratings don’t really matter with premium cable. The most important thing for Showtime is that a show gets them attention and/or subscribers, and we’re pretty sure that the Chi is able to actually deliver both at different levels. Showtime benefits from having a stable audience here, and we also hope they can continue to tell interesting, emotional stories here that they can’t with some of their other scripted entities.

Although there is no specific timetable for when the Chi was due to be renewed for a season 5, we have a feeling there will be some news coming out in the coming months. There’s really no need to rush things, but they should figure this out well in time for Season 5 to premiere sometime next summer. Having a show like this once a year is important for continuity.

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