The Flash Movie Theory: Flashpoint Villain is hiding in plain sight

The Flash Movie Theory: Flashpoint Villain is hiding in plain sight
The Flash Movie Theory: Flashpoint Villain is hiding in plain sight

Here we have Barry Allen, in this incredibly sharp and tough new DCEU Flash costume apparently lurking outside his childhood home. Why is this significant? Well, as established in Flashpoint (and also in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League) Barry’s mother was mysteriously murdered here and his father was sent to prison for the crime. A crime he says he didn’t commit and one that Barry doesn’t think he’s responsible for. And he’s right, because it was Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, who had come back from the future to kill the mother of his greatest enemy.


Once Barry realizes that he has the ability to use his speed to travel through time (as we saw at the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League), he decides to change the past by preventing his mother’s murder. In doing so, he changes the present and ends up in a present that is slightly different from the present with which he is familiar.

Now, as far as The flash As far as the film is concerned, it’s not clear whether Barry wants to change the past, or whether he’s just exploring the multiverse in an attempt to reconnect with his mother, as we see in this next shot, in which a cautious Barry appears to be sneaking an unsuspecting Nora Allen.


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The other possibility (and the one we’ve seen in both the comics and TV versions of flash point) is that this is Barry waking up after changing the past, and he is surprised to find himself in a reality where his mother is still alive. In any case, we’re not quite sure what’s going on yet.

Now it seems that, just like in the comics, Barry is looking for Bruce Wayne to help him make sense of his bizarre situation. And why wouldn’t he, right? Ben Affleck’s Batman is a friend and mentor of Barry in the DCEU, so he should go find him. Of course, he finds Keaton’s older Batman instead (in the comics, he finds Thomas Wayne as Batman, but that’s a whole different story). So the above image of Barry and his mom is set on Earth-89, the same world where the Burton Batman movies take place, or is it after Barry does another multiverse hop?

I’m going with the first, because of the aforementioned first shot in the footage…

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