The French Dispatch (2021) Full Movie Watch Cast and Crew

The French Dispatch (2021) Full Movie Watch Cast and Crew
The French Dispatch (2021) Full Movie Watch Cast and Crew

The French Dispatch (2021) Full Movie Watch Cast & Crew – The French Dispatch is a 2021 American comedy-drama and ethology film starring Timothy Chalamet and Léa Seydoux in the lead roles. The movie is made on a fictional story created by the producer and director and this movie is made on the same story and the comedy is also very high in this movie which will make the movie audience love this movie. Jake’s trailer has been released If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can watch Jake’s trailer on his official YouTube channel. This film will be released in India on October 22, 2021.


The French Dispatch is a 2021 American comedy-drama and ethological English-language film starring celebrity Timothée Chalamet, Léa Seydoux, Christoph Waltz, Saoirse Ronan, Jeffrey Wright, Rupert Friend, Adrien Brody, written by Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola, Hugo Guinness and directed by Wes Anderson. This film is produced by American Empirical, Pictures Indian and Paintbrush Studio Babelsberg Production Company.

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The French Dispatch (2021) Full Movie Watch & Download Movies Online

Directed by:-Wes Anderson
Written by:-Wes Anderson
Roman Coppola
Hugo Guinness
Jason Schwartzman
Starring:-Timothy Chalamet
Lea Seydoux
Jeffrey Wright
Rupert Friend
Adrien Brody
Christoph Waltz
Saoirse Ronan
Music by:-Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography:-Robert D. Yeoman
Edited by:-Andrew Weisblum
Selection by:-Douglas Aibel
Antoinette Boulat
Production company:-American empirical images
Indian Brush
Studio Babelsberg
Date of publication:-October 22, 2021 (India)

The French Dispatch (2021) Full Movie Cast

Lea Seydoux
Timothy Chalamet
Christoph Waltz
Saoirse Ronan
Jeffrey Wright
Rupert Friend
Adrien Brody
Anjelica Huston
Lois Smith
Liev Schreiber
Fisher Stevens
Jason Schwartzman
Alex Lawther
Griffin Dunne
Cecile from France
Henry Winkler
Bob Balaban
Mathieu Amalric
Tony Revolori
Morgane Polanskic
Anjelica Bette Fellini
Denis Menochet
Lyna Khoudric
Steve Park
Wallace Wolodarsky
Antonia Desplat
Vincent Macaigne
Felix Moati
Benjamin Lavernhe
Guillaume Gallienne
Hippolyte Girardot
Tom Hudson
Maud Druine
Stephane Bak
Sam Haygarth
Nicholas Croucher
Samuel Blenkin
Pablo Pauly
Gabriel Ryan
Winning Ait Hell
Mohamed Belhadjine
Alexandre Steiger
Ilona Petiet
Nicolas Avinee
Toheeb Jimoh
Elisabeth Mos
Owen wilson
Willem Dafoe
Tilda Swinton
Edward Norton
Frances McDormand
Benicio the bull
Bill Murray

sound department

  • Danielle Adams
  • Steve Baine
  • Craig Berkey
  • Jack Cheetham
  • Emperor Gabor
  • Carson X. MacDonald
  • Michael Miller
  • Jean Paul Miguel
  • Peter Persaud
  • Kobi Quist
  • Andrew Rice
  • Christopher Scarabosio
  • Susan Dawes
  • Gina Gyles
  • Wayne Lemmer
  • Damien Luquet

Created by

  • Ben Adler
  • Wes Anderson
  • Henning Molfenter
  • Octavia Peissel
  • Steven Rales
  • Charlie Woebcken
  • Roman Coppola
  • Jeremy Dawson
  • Christoph Fisser

Production management

Casting department:

  • Olivia Brittain
  • Marie Cantet
  • Catherine Garlick
  • Matthew Glasner
  • Jina Jay
  • Antoine Marc
  • Rebecca Rossmaur
  • Amelia Cotillard
  • Deborah Maxwell Dion
  • Ryan Drake

Music Department

  • Romain Allender
  • Ashley Andrew Jones
  • Robin Baynton
  • Mark Berrow
  • Rachel Bolt
  • Steve Maic
  • Dorina Markoff-McNulty
  • Conrad Pope
  • Randall poster
  • Patrick Savage
  • Jill Strater
  • Jean-Yves Thibaudet
  • Allen Walley
  • Bruce White
  • Warren Zielinski
  • Michael Elderkin
  • Fiona Cruickshank
  • Meghan Currier
  • Clifton Harrison
  • Stewart Lerman

Additional crew

  • Mehdi Abbaspour
  • Shezad Ameeralee
  • Segolene Amice Lagny
  • Alexis Bonnaud
  • Lucian Boulagnon Houston
  • Stephane Bourdon
  • Stevie Giraud
  • Lewis Humble
  • Jeff Kryvicky
  • Simon Lamoine
  • Marc Leroyer
  • Theo Malet
  • Pierre Mesplede
  • Daniel H. Mintz
  • Astrid Monarch
  • Valentine Picolet
  • Myriam Raku
  • Irwin M. Rappaport
  • Jeanne Roy
  • Guillaume Seeleuthner
  • Clothilde Sergeant
  • Christiane Stuetzlea
  • Richard Taylor
  • Victoria Teixeira
  • Pauline Tingaud
  • Kevin tranche
  • Marie Van Wambeke
  • May Ziade
  • Guy Trevellyan
  • Gero Brugmann
  • Matthis Chotard
  • Laurent Chouraqui
  • Louis Colaianni
  • Louise Collinion
  • Anthony Costan Zanon
  • Lucca Fletcher
  • fanny flopin
  • Vincent Fouce
  • Brice Francois
  • Leo Gack
  • Guillaume Giffard
  • Beatrice Giraud


  • Tony Auge
  • Maxime Demba
  • Jerome Gaspard
  • Melissa Humler
  • James O’Donnell
  • Richard Zanninic
  • Dominique Fouassier
  • Sebastien Fouassier
  • Anthony Fouillet


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