The left wants to use education to ‘disrupt’ and ‘dismantle’ American institutions: education expert

 American institutions


Hegseth asked Kersten what the reason is why the left is continuing to push their agenda at schools and how they can remain in control.

“I think that the right is trying shift focus some way,” Kersten said. Kersten went on to explain the way Minnesota plans to make the study of ethnicity “front in the center” in social studies classes, which will prepare students to challenge American institutions.

“What the study of ethnicity is all about is, in essence teaching children to challenge, demolish and change America’s most fundamental structures,” the professor said. “They employ the term resistance frequently.”

To further his study of educational issues, Hegseth released a brand new work entitled, “Battle for the American Mind.” In an interview on the Fox & Friends Weekend segment, Hegseth discussed with his co-author David Goodwin how progressives have been the dominant force in education for decades.

“One of the main aspects is the fact that this was done with the intention that they knew exactly what they were doing,” Goodwin told Hegseth on Sunday. “They made a report on The New Republic, and there was a discussion which was going back and forth between progressives at the time. And they said that to be able to control the political power of our country, then we need to manage the education system.”

He added, “And it took to research to 1915 to discover that the story unfolded throughout the years.”

Goodwin was also on Kersten on the Hegseth’s Fox Nation special, along with political scientist Dr. Carol Swain and author Rebecca Friedrichs. The panel also talked about gender beliefs taught in schools, and how teachers can manipulate children to hide secrets from their parents.

In the following segment, Kersten said the Biden administration is trying to promote “action civility.” She described the concept of action civics as a way to teach kids how to be the next generations of progressive activists, like the environmental activist Greta Thunberg.


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