The Morning Show S1 Precap: Before S2, All you need to know about Alex & Bradley's chaotic professional lives

*SPOILERS ALERT* With that epic cliffhanger ending in Season 1, the anticipation for The Morning Show Season 2 has been brewing to the brim. However, there were constant delays owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, fans will get to know the repercussions of Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley Jackson’s (Reese Witherspoon) live and on-air outburst as Season 2 premieres on AppleTV+ this Friday, i.e. September 17.

However, in case you need to jog your memory about The Morning Show Season 1’s chaotic events unfolding, we have you covered! In the first season, we’re taken headfirst into the professional lives of two fierce but contrasting journalists, Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson. While Alex is a revered but overconfident host on The Morning Show, Bradley is a brash but mostly struggling field reporter looking for her big break. Alex’s life is turned upside down when her co-anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is hit with sexual harassment allegations.

On the other hand, a viral fact-checking video lands Bradley a job as Mitch’s replacement on The Morning Show, much to Alex’s obvious chagrin but network head Cory Ellison’s (Billy Crudup) delight. While her attempt at choosing a co-host is strictly refused by Cory, who believes Bradley’s zestful attitude is what is needed to spruce up The Morning Show (with the ulterior motive of taking out Alex from the equation!), Alex throws a curveball by suddenly announcing Bradley as her co-host at a fundraiser, even before the latter agrees to take the position. UBA Network head Fred Micklen (Tom Irwin), is obviously furious over these brash decisions being made and tries to manipulate his power of authority in front of Alex, who shows everyone that she’s still the boss and that they will be doing things her way.

Amid prior reluctance, Bradley makes a successful The Morning Show debut where she dallies into her personal teenage struggles which included getting an abortion. This revelation angers Fred but also increases the target audience, i.e. youngsters. Moreover, Bradley gets to interview one of Mitch’s accusers and because she goes off-script, too much TMI is unveiled, which was not what the network wanted. Speaking of Mitch, an investigation by human resources is underway with most employees taking his side. As for Alex, there’s jealousy brewing with a younger Bradley winning hearts and subsequently increasing TRPs.

A New York Times piece, in the works, on Mitch’s sexual assault allegations makes him seek out his colleagues’ help to speak in his defence. However, Fred throws Mitch under the bus in the NYT article and the former is hell-bent on taking him down. With Bradley succeeding and Cory’s collaboration proposal at her charity fundraiser dulling her down, Alex seeks comfort from Mitch. Alex and Bradley then travel to California to cover the wildfires with the former having a mental breakdown on live television. Why? Well, Bradley accuses her of covering up for Mitch while her personal life isn’t any better with her estranged husband, Jason Craig (Jack Davenport), wanting to officially divorce. After comforting her, Alex calls it truce with Bradley as they confide about the former’s divorce and the latter’s alcoholic father. Alex’s PR warns her that her divorce (she’s pretending to have a happy marriage and family life) could prove detrimental to her career which further adds a strain to her personal life. Especially with Alex’s daughter, Lizzy Craig (Oona Roche). This leads to Alex relying even more on Bradley’s friendship.

On the sidelines, executive producer Charlie Black aka Chip (Mark Duplass), fearing for his job, tries to ally with Cory to take Fred down but the latter asks for certifiable evidence. Fellow producer Mia Jordan (Karen Pittman), after being subjected to an inappropriate remark, confirms that she was involved with Mitch. As for Mitch, Bradley is tempted by his offer for an interview to reveal how the network was involved in covering up his misdeeds. Mitch turns to Hannah Shoenfeld (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), head talent booker, who he believes slept with him for a promotion, as a witness to corroborate his story.

Giving a backstory, we travel back to 2017, when Mitch was very much a part of The Morning Show, with Alex (to boost dwindling TRPs at the time) replacing Mia (who was replaced after her affair with Mitch ended and the latter got her kicked off the job). After an extravagant 50th birthday party, Mitch and Alex travel to Las Vegas to cover the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. After a chance encounter, Mitch takes undue advantage of a vulnerable Hannah, who was sent to Vegas with the team, inspite of only being a junior booker. It was Mitch, who asked Chip to bring Hannah along. When Hannah informs Fred of Mitch’s sexual assault, she’s made to keep mum by being offered a head booker position. A shocked Hannah begrudgingly accepts.

In present time, when Bradley makes the decision to interview Mitch, Alex feels betrayed and the two carve their own path. Bradley turns to Cory while Alex turns to Fred to get rid of Bradley. Hannah confronts Mitch about how powerless he made her during their non-consensual encounter which the latter diminishes as naivety. Hannah, reluctantly, agrees to come on record about Fred enabling her promotion, but anonymously. When Chip learns that Alex was more than willing to get rid of him in her team up with Fred, he changes allegiance and agrees to assist Cory and Bradley in producing Mitch’s interview.

The secret relationship of Yanko Flores (Néstor Carbonell), a meteorologist, and Claire Conway (Bel Powley), Bradley’s eventual assistant, is leaked by Hannah, which causes a fallout between the two friends. Due to the public scrutiny strain, Claire breaks up with Yanko. After Bradley is made aware that Hannah would corroborate Mitch’s side of the story, she meets with Hannah, who has a breakdown recalling her horrific encounter with the disgraced host. Hannah asks Bradley to not reveal her identity during Mitch’s interview and to wait until she accepts the UBA job in LA.

Given how he’s in the know of being outed for his part in Mitch’s sexual assault allegations, Fred gives Alex co-host approval to gain her as an ally in firing Chip. Knowing that he’s been fired, Chip conspires with his assistant Rena to smuggle Mitch to the sets of The Morning Show so as to conduct the live and on-air interview with Bradley. Claire wants to make amends with Hannah but is a little too late as finds her dead in her apartment after an overdose.

Everyone is shocked by the revelation of Hannah’s untimely demise with Bradley calling off the interview and Chip indulging in a physical brawl with Mitch at the lobby of the latter’s apartment. Hannah’s death traumatises Alex, who snaps, and along with Bradley, exposes the hidden lies about Fred and UBA covering up Mitch’s sexual misconduct and aiding a toxic work culture. With the impromptu live and on-air bashing, the feed is promptly cut off with Bradley encouraging the audience to speak out their truth.

With such an explosive open ending, The Morning Show Season 2 has a lot riding because fans are curious to know; what happens next?!

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Meanwhile, with Julianna Margulies making her entry as Laura Peterson, The Morning Show Season 2 premieres on September 17.

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