The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 8 End Explained

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 8 End Explained
The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 8 End Explained

When Daryl finally reveals that Maggie’s group is his “people,” Leah must make an important decision. Will she stay with her own family and attack Maggie or will she honor her time with Daryl and save his people? Fascinatingly, Leah chooses “none of the above”. Just to be clear, she takes out Reaper leader Pope, but that doesn’t mean Maggie, Negan, and Gabriel get a reprieve. She seems even more eager to defend the house from the Reapers now that she’s in charge.


Leah wanted what Daryl wanted to some extent: Pope out of the picture. She just wanted it for a completely different reason than Daryl.

“He forgot what was important. No war. People. My people,” Leah says.

Unfortunately, those people are two very different groups than Leah and Daryl. Just as Daryl has gone through hell and back with Maggie, Gabriel and all the remaining Alexandrians, so has Leah lived quite a life with her chosen family. Ultimately, she’ll do anything to defend her friends, including killing Pope…and Daryl’s friends.

Is this the end of Alexandria?

Frankly, it could. The safe zone of Alexandria has survived much: raids by the wolves and full-scale war with the Redeemers. But after the latest conflict with the Whisperers, the Virginia-based community seemed to be on its last legs. Houses have been destroyed, crops ruined and defensive walls have been damaged. And that was before the last crisis.

The storm and hikers that this midseason finale brings are pretty biblical in proportion. Pretty much every named character that matters is in one house – Lydia, Virgil, RJ, Rosita and Hershel upstairs, and Judith and Gracie in an increasingly overflowing basement. If The living Dead If you don’t kill Maggie and Negan, it certainly won’t kill Judith and Gracie. Don’t be surprised, though, if one of the adults is called upon to sacrifice his life to save the kids when the show returns. Virgil, in particular, seems to be itching to die for good reason.

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