TMKOC, 13th January 2022, Written Update: Taarak fears the shock treatment

In today’s episode, Taarak tries to persuade Anjali that he is fine and that Karela no longer bothers him. Anjali is concerned that Taarak’s condition has deteriorated. Tapu Sena is concerned about how to stop Babaji from entering into society. They decide to help Taarak at any cost. Goli proposes a strategy for persuading Bhide not to let Baba into society. Tapu intervenes, stating that since Madhvi is the one who advised consulting the Baba, how can they provoke Bhide against the Baba? Sonu claims Madhvi is at Babita’s home.

Tapu Sena tries to convince Bhide and Bapuji to stop the Baba from coming to Gokuldham. Bhide doesn’t get convinced and asks Tapu Sena to leave. Tapu Sena then decides to take Champaklal’s help. Champaklal sings and dances, saying that Babaji will help Taarak and that the ghost problem will be resolved soon. Tapu Sena gives various reasons, but Champaklal convinces them that Babaji will help them for sure. Champaklal gives them various examples of other Babaji’s. Tapu Sena leaves. 

Tapu Sena discusses how they couldn’t stop Babaji from arriving, but they should prove Baba is a fraud. Taarak calls Goli and inquires whether they have a solution. Goli instructs Taarak to act as if he has fainted so that Babaji cannot perform any treatment on him. Taarak informs him that if he appears to have fainted, he will be taken to the hospital. Taarak imagines himself in a hospital receiving shock treatment. Tapu Sena tells him not to worry.


The Mahila Mandal visits the Mehtas to support them by getting some food for Taarak. They tell Taarak not to worry and that Babaji will solve this problem soon.

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