Today Movies in Sun TV: What to see today? What movies to watch on Sun Tv

Today Movies in Sun TV: What to see today? What movies to watch on Sun Tv
Today Movies in Sun TV: What to see today? What movies to watch on Sun Tv

About Today Movies in Sun TV

Sun Tv is a channel that is generally subscribed to by the regional audience. we are all well aware of the fact that India is a country that is rich in its culture and is made up of a huge number of languages. Therefore it is only fair that media caters to this diverse population and presents a variety of Tv channels. Sun TV is a network that specializes in Tamil shows and movies targetting mainly the sect of the public who have knowledge of this language. Sun TV hosts a great number of shows and movies from all genres including fun, comedy, romance, action, horror, and many more. Though this language is not understood by many, Sun Tv is a channel that is subscribed by even those who are now well versed in the language. Despite being a regional channel Sun Tv has a global reach and has accrued even international fans and subscribers. This fandom is because of the quality of the shows hosted by the channel and the love for the language Tamil even by those who are not well versed in that language.

Today Movies in Sun TV

Sun Tv not just specializes in showcasing shows and series they are also known for their movies that span across various genres: action, thriller, comedy, horror, and romance. Generally, regional channels are known for their serials but unlike the usual Sun Tv is breaking the normal and showcases movies every single day. In fact, the Sun Network has a designated time for showcasing movies every day. All the movie buffs out there you do not need to wait for festivals for your favorite movies to be telecasted, Sun Tv is bringing an end to your wait by telecasting movies every day at designated times. Today’s Sun Tv movie schedule is packed with a dose of entertainment and happiness and therefore you won’t miss out on Today Movies in Sun TV that is already scheduled.

Start TimeEnd TimeTelecast dateProgram name
11:30 PM14th MayDevi
06:30 PM14th MayVanakkam Da Mappilei
03:00 PM06:00 PM14th MayPuli
03:00 PM06:00 PM13th MayChinna Gounder
03:00 PM06:00 PM12th MayPadikkathavan
03:00 PM06:00 PM11th MayThimiru
03:00 PM06:00 PM10th MayMaaveeran
03:00 PM06:00 PM8th MayArul
03:00 PM06:00 PM5th MayMayandi Kudumbathar
03:00 PM06:00 PM4th MayThorani
03:00 PM06:00 PM3rd MayEzhumalai
03:00 PM06:00 PM1st MayVillain
09:30 AM12:00 PM1st MayVaikundapuram
03:00 PM06:00 PM30th AprilChinna Gounder
03:00 PM06:00 PM29th AprilSangamam
03:00 PM6:00 PM27th AprilVidhi
03:00 PM6:00 PM26th AprilSuyamvaram
03:00 PM6:00 PM23rd AprilSimmaraasi
03:00 PM6:00 PM22nd AprilThiruda Thirudi
03:00 PM6:00 PM21st AprilAanai
03:00 PM6:00 PM20th AprilPerarasu
09:30 AM12:00 PM26th FebruaryKidaari
03:00 PM06:00 PM26th FebruaryPanakkaran
09:30 AM12:00 PM25th FebruaryKutty
03:00 PM06:00 PM25th FebruaryAalukkoru Aasai
09:30 AM12:00 PM24th February Amarkalam
03:00 PM06:00 PM24th FebruarySamudhiram
09:30 AM12:00 PM23rd FebruaryEetti
03:00 PM06:00 PM23rd FebruaryMaanagara Kaaval
09:30 AM12:00 PM22nd FebruaryOru Oorla Oru Rajakumari
03:00 PM06:00 PM22nd FebruaryPazhani
09:30 AM12:00 PM20th FebruaryThangamagan
03:00 PM06:00 PM20th FebruaryEngal Anna
09:30 AM12:00 PM19th FebruaryAinthaam Padai
03:00 PM06:00 PM19th FebruaryNattamai
09:30 AM12:00 PM18th FebruaryAnantha Poongatre
03:00 PM06:00 PM18th FebruaryEn Aasai Rasave
09:30 AM12:00 PM17th FebruarySathriyan
03:00 PM06:00 PM17th FebruaryVathiyar
09:30 AM12:00 PM16th FebruaryKandha Kadamba Kathir Vela
03:00 PM06:00 PM16th FebruaryBadri
09:30 AM12:00 PM15th FebruaryThenkasi Pattanam
03:00 PM06:00 PM15th FebruaryGajendra
09:30 AM12:00 PM11th FebruaryEllam Avan Seyal
03:00 PM06:00 PM11th FebruaryAarya
09:30 AM12:00 PM10th FebruaryMounam Pesiyadhe
03:00 PM06:00 PM10th FebruaryNee Varuvai Ena
09:30 AM12:00 PM9th FebruarySurieyan
03:00 PM06:00 PM9th FebruarySamsaram Adhu Minsaram
09:30 AM12:00 PM8th FebruaryAmman Kovil Kizhakale
03:00 PM06:00 PM8th FebruaryRaja Chinna Roja
09:30 AM12:00 PM6th FebruaryInimae Ippadithan
03:00 PM06:00 PM6th February Vetri Kodi Kattu
09:30 AM12:00 PM5th FebruaryDurga
03:00 PM06:00 PM5th FebruaryPaattali
09:30 AM12:00 PM4th FebruaryPeranmai
03:00 PM06:00 PM4th FebruaryMuthukku Muthaaga
09:30 AM12:00 PM3rd FebruaryKaalai
03:00 PM06:00 PM3rd FebruaryShahjahan
09:30 AM12:00 PM2nd FebruarySandakozhi
03:00 PM06:00 PM2nd FebruaryVaanavil
09:30 AM12:00 PM1st FebruaryKadhal Kottai
03:00 PM06:00 PM1st FebruaryRamana
09:30 AM12:00 PM30th JanuaryAval Varuvala
03:00 PM06:00 PM30th JanuaryKabali
09:30 AM12:00 PM29th JanuaryAadukalam
03:00 PM06:00 PM29th JanuaryNeranja Manasu
09:30 AM12:00 PM28th January Meesaya Murukku
03:00 PM06:00 PM28th JanuaryJayam
15.00 PM18.00 PM27th JanuaryMuthukku Muthaaga
09.30 AM12.00 PM27th JanuaryMr. Bharath
15.00 PM18.00 PM25th JanuaryPallikoodam
09.30 AM12.00 PM25th JanuaryNarasimha
15.00 PM18.00 PM23rd JanuaryCitizen
09.30 AM12.00 PM23rd JanuarySethupathi IPS
15:00 PM18:00 PM22nd JanuaryArasu
09:30 PM12:00 PM22nd JanuaryMirattal
15:00 PM18:00 PM21st JanuaryMappillai
09:30 PM12:00 PM21st JanuaryEazhaiyin Sirippil
15:00 PM18:00 PM20th JanuaryDevan
09:30 PM12:00 PM20th JanuaryShree
15:00 PM18:00 PM19th JanuaryPudhiya Geethai
09:30 PM12:00 PM19th JanuaryThaalikaatha Kaaliamman
15:00 PM18:00 PM18th JanuaryKoodi Vazhnthal Kodi Nanmai
09:30 PM12:00 PM18th JanuarySandamarutham
12:30 PM3:00 PM16th JanuaryAnnadurai
3:00 PM6:00 PM16th JanuaryNatpe Thunai
6:30 PM10:00 PM16th JanuaryKanchana 3
11:00 AM2:00 PM15th JanuaryPetta
3:00 PM6:00 PM15th JanuaryVettaikaaran
6:30 PM9:45 PM15th JanuaryPulikkuthi Pandi
9:30 AM12:00 PM13th JanuaryBogan
3:00 PM6:00 PM13th JanuaryChokka Thangam
9:30 AM12:00 PM12th JanuaryAnnai Kaligambal
3:00 PM6:00 PM12th JanuaryJay Jay
9:30 AM12:00 PM11th JanuaryPennin Manathai Thottu
3:00 PM6:00 PM11th JanuaryKadhal Sugamanathu
9:30 AM12:00 PM9th JanuaryDhillukku Dhudduu
3:00 PM6:00 PM9th JanuaryAnegan
9:30 AM12:00 PM8th JanuaryVeerappu
3:00 PM6:00 PM8th JanuaryPalayathu Amman
9:30 AM12:00 PM7th JanuaryThithikudhe
3:00 PM6:00 PM7th JanuaryPunnagai Desa,
9:30 AM12:00 PM6th JanuaryDeiva Thirumagal
3:00 PM6:00 PM6th JanuaryNinaithen Vandhai
9:30 AM12:00 PM5th JanuaryRaja
3:00 PM6:00 PM5th JanuaryMunthanai Mudichu
9:30 AM12:00 PM4th JanuarySathya
3:00 PM6:00 PM4th JanuaryPistha
9:30 AM12:00 PM2nd JanuarySpyder
3:00PM6:00PM2nd JanuaryWinner
9:30 AM13:00 PM1st JanuaryVeeram
3:00PM6:00PM1st JanuaryPokkiri
9:30 AM12:00 PM31st DecemberDev
3:00PM6:00PM31st DecemberMudhalvan
9:30 AM12:00 PM30th DecemberLondon
3:00PM6:00PM30th DecemberAnniyan
9:30 AM12:00 PM29th DecemberAazhvaar
3:00 PM6:00 PM29th DecemberMappillai
9:30 AM12:00 PM28th DecemberNaiyaandi
3:00 PM6:00 PM28th DecemberYouth
9:30 AM12:00 PM26th DecemberSketch
3:00PM6:00 PM26th DecemberSaguni
9:30 AM12:00 PM24th DecemberNanbenda
3:00 PM6:00 PM24th DecemberAyan
9:30 AM12:00 PM23rd DecemberNaadodigal 2
3:00 PM6:00 PM23rd DecemberNam Naadu
9:30 AM12:00 PM22nd DecemberAadhi Bhagawan
3:00 PM6:00 PM22nd DecemberSandai
9:30 AM12:00 PM21st DecemberNaanum Rowdy Thaan
3:00 PM6:00 PM21st DecemberEngal Aasan
9:30 AM12:00 PM19th DecemberKaththi Sandai
3:00 PM6:00 PM19th DecemberVallavan
9:30 AM12:00 PM18th DecemberHonest Raj
3:00 PM6:00 PM18th DecemberKoattai Mariamman
9:30 AM12:00 PM17th DecemberUnakkaka Ellam Unakkaka
3:00 PM6:00 PM17th DecemberYaradi Ni Mogini
3:00 PM6:00 PM16th DecemberVaali
3:00 PM6:00 PM15th DecemberThennavan
3:00 PM6:00 PM13th DecemberPithamagan
3:00 PM6:00 PM12th DecemberEjamaan
3:00 PM6:00 PM11th DecemberMinsara Kanna
3:00 PM6:00 PM10th DecemberEn Purushan Thaan Enakkum Mattum Thaan
3:00 PM6:00 PM9th DecemberPasumpon
3:00 PM6:00 PM8th DecemberThiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam
3:00 PM6:00 PM7th DecemberOor Mariyadhai
3:00 PM6:00 PM5th DecemberVillain
3:00 PM6:00 PM4th DecemberEm Magan
3:00 PM6:00 PM3rd DecemberSundara Travels
3:00 PM6:00 PM2nd DecemberThavasi
3:00 PM6:00 PM1st DecemberMiddle Class Madhavan
3:00 PM6:00 PM30th NovemberSamasthanam
3:00 PM6:00 PM28th NovemberKuththu
3:00 PM6:00 PM27th NovemberPadikkadhavan
3:00 PM6:00 PM26th NovemberUyirile Kalanthathu
3:00 PM6:00 PM25th NovemberDosth
3:00 PM6:00 PM23rd NovemberEnga Muthalali
3:00 PM6:00 PM21st NovemberOsthe
3:00 PM6:00 PM20th NovemberMaayandi Kudumbathar
3:00 PM6:00 PM19th NovemberOor kavalan
3:00 PM6:00 PM18th NovemberEzhumalai
3:00 PM6:00 PM17th NovemberKaavalan
3:00 PM6:00 PM16th NovemberChathrapathy
3:00 PM6:00 PM13th NovemberThoranai
3:00 PM6:00 PM12th NovemberPriyamaana Thozhi
3:00 PM6:00 PM11th NovemberChinna Gounder
3:00 PM6:00 PM10th NovemberAthisaya Piravi
3:00 PM6:00 PM9th NovemberSimmaraasi
3:00 PM6:00 PM7th NovemberMappillai
3:00 PM6:00 PM6th NovemberPerarasu
3:00 PM6:00 PM5th NovemberMaaveeran
3:00 PM6:00 PM4th NovemberPoove Unakkaga
3:00 PM6:00 PM3rd NovemberSuyamvaram
3:00 PM6:00 PM2nd NovemberKaalam Maari Pochu
3:00 PM6:00 PM31st OctoberSugamana Ragangal
3:00 PM6:00 PM30th OctoberThirai Thendral
3:00 PM6:00 PM29th OctoberVanna Thamizh Paattu
3:00 PM6:00 PM28th OctoberVaravu Ettana Selavu Pathana
3:00 PM6:00 PM27th OctoberKannedhirey Thondrinal
3:00 PM6:00 PM26th OctoberTenaliraman
12:00 PM3:00 PM26th OctoberSivappu Manjal Pachai
9:00 AM11:30 AM26th OctoberDharmaprabhu
6:30 PM9:30 PM25th OctoberSingam 3
6:30 PM9:30 PM24th OctoberDharma Durai
3:00 PM6:00 PM23rd OctoberGambeeram
3:00 PM6:00 PM22nd OctoberPonmana Selvan
3:00 PM6:00 PM21st OctoberVidhi
00.0003.003rd OctoberNagaichuvai galatta
03.0004.003rd OctoberThirai Thendral
04.0005.003rd OctoberSugamana Ragangal
05.0006.003rd OctoberBakhti Paadalgal
06.0006.303rd OctoberAalayaVazhipuddi
06.3006.453rd OctoberAamigai Kathaigal
06.4507.303rd OctoberNaala kalam piradu
07.3008.003rd OctoberMorning News
08.0008.303rd OctoberVanakham Thamicha
08.3009.003rd OctoberChithi 1
09.0011.303rd OctoberMovie manmadan
11.3012.003rd OctoberAgni Nathachtaram
12.0012.303rd OctoberNila
12.3013.003rd OctoberPaandava villam
13.0013.303rd OctoberMetti oli
13.3014.003rd OctoberNews
14.0014.303rd OctoberChandralekha
14.3015.003rd OctoberMaharasi
15.0018.003rd OctoberMovie- Aai
18.0018.303rd OctoberNews
18.3021.303rd OctoberMovie Hero
21.3022.303rd OctoberKalyana Vedu
22.3023.593rd OctoberComedy junction

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Today Movies in Sun TV – FAQs

1. Who is the owner of Sun TV?

Sun TV network is the parent company of Sun TV.

2. What movies are on Sun Tv today?

The movie Puli, Vanakkam Da Mappilei, and Devi are on Sun Tv today.

3. When was Sun TV launched?

Sun Tv was launched in 1993.

4. Where is the headquarters of Sun Tv located?

The headquarters of Sun TV is located in Chennai.

5. At what time is Puli on Sun TV?

03:00 PM, 13th May 2021

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