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Tomatino Web Series


Kooku has been one of the most popular OTT platforms in India and has recently made a comeback with the new Tomatino web series. This new web series is based on a betrayal between a husband and wife and will release on 4 March 2022. The official release date of the show is yet to be determined, but you can be sure that it will be very entertaining. The actors playing the lead are Shubaham, Vijay, Minakshi, and Pari. It is directed by Punit Goyal and is produced by Kooku studio.

Tomatino Web Series Story

Tomatino Web Series

It was announced on Youtube that the series will be coming out on 4 March 2022, and it has already gained popularity. The first trailer received more than 50k views in two days and thousands of likes from Tomatino fans. The web series will feature the characters of Shubaham, Vijay, and Meenakshi in their roles, making it a very entertaining read. The first episode is expected to be out in the US in July, and it will also be available on Kooku’s website.

Among the many new web series coming in 2019 and 2020, the Tomatino Kooku app is one of the most exciting. With the help of its popular platform, people all over the world can watch their favorite TV shows and web series on the go. The content of this web series is both enticing and addictive, so you can’t go wrong with it. The web series trailer will give you an exclusive sneak peek of the storyline and characters.

After a successful debut in October with a web series, Kooku App has now made a comeback with a new web series: Tomatino. This new web series is an 18+, Erotic, and Drama-themed series from a talented director called Punit Goyal. The lead actors in the show are Shubaham, Vijay, and Meenakshi. The trailer for the next season is now available on YouTube, and you can see it here.

A video trailer for the Tomatino web series has been released on YouTube. It is the second episode of a series that started in October. The web series is aimed at teens and adults and has been categorized as Erotic and Drama. The series is a satirical and funny ode to Tomato. It is a fun web series that will leave you in stitches and make you laugh.

The trailer for the new Tomatino web series has already been released on YouTube. The teaser for the series has received a lot of attention. It has already garnered over 50k views and thousands of likes. The web series is 18+ and features a cast of 4 main characters. There is also a wiki dedicated to the show on the website. The series’ upcoming release is on YouTube, so you can get it on YouTube.

The first episode of the Tomatino web series has just been released on YouTube and has received rave reviews from viewers. The trailer has garnered over 50k views in just two days and has also been received well by critics. The series is a fusion of Erotic and Drama and is rated 18+. There are also a few other wikis dedicated to the show, but there are currently only 4 of them, so there are no ratings at this time.

The latest web series from Kooku App has been released on YouTube. It has received over 50k views in less than two days and has thousands of likes from fans. This series is rated 18+ and is rated for men and women. The wiki includes information on the story, cast, heroines, and more. In addition, it has a trailer and other information related to the characters. The trailer of the Tomatino web series is available on Youtube.

The Tomatino web series was officially announced on YouTube last October but was delayed for months. It was launched in October 2016 and got over 50k views in less than two days. The trailer also received a lot of likes from fans. The web series was developed by Kooku creator Punit Goyal and stars Vijay, Shubaham, and Meenakshi. This web series is suitable for adults.

Tomatino Web Series Cast

  • Shubham
  • Meenakshi
  • Vijay
  • Pari

Tomatino Web Series Details

Title Tomatino
Cast Shubham, Meenakshi, Vijay & Pari
Genre Erotic, Drama, Romance
Type Web Series
Director Punit Goyal
Release Date 4 March 2022
Online Video Platform (OTT) Kooku App
Language Hindi
Country India


Q. Tomatino Web Series Cast & Actress?

Ans. Shubham, Meenakshi, Vijay & PariAdd image

Q. How to Watch Online Tomatino Web Series?

Ans. Download Kooku App from Playstore. Take a subscription of the Kooku App and enjoy the web series.

Q. Tomatino Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 4th March 2022

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