Top 5 Free Browser games that you should be playing in 2022

Top 5 Free Browser games that you should be playing in 2022


Top 5 browsers for free games In the world of video gaming, there’s an area for all types of gamers. It doesn’t matter if you prefer playing the games using your console, with an enormous display and controllers, on a PC that has a powerful system that can run the highest graphically demanding game, or on mobile devices with an emphasis on portability. Then some gamers like to play games for fun without having to install or download any software. In 2022, there will be some excellent options to go down the route of gaming in browsers. Top 5 Free Browser games We’ve put together five of the best free games for browsers that you must play. It includes Catan, Pokemon Showdown,, Town of Salem, and A Dark Room. If you enjoy them you can simply switch off your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and begin playing.

However, before we get into them, we’d like to make an honorary mention to Wordle as well, which is a game that is played via browsers. But, since Wordle can only be played one time per day Top 5 Free Browser games We decided not to include it on the list. The game gained popularity in 2022 and, to date, it has more players than other console games.

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Top 5 Browser games for free that you can enjoy in 2022.

1. Catan

The game was developed in collaboration with Catan GmbH, Catan is an iconic board game developed by Catan GmbH. It was released in the year 2017. The strategy game lets players establish colonies on Catan. Players must build roads, settlements, cities, and much more for the island to become functional. The game rewards you with points for certain accomplishments. Each settlement is worth one point, while each city is worth two points. Top 5 Free Browser games  There are additional milestones to be reached. The goal in the game is to score 10 points ahead of the other players. The game is medieval, but a more detailed variant of Monopoly.

2, Pokemon Showdown

The game was created by Zarel in the year 2011, Pokemon Showdown is one of the first browser games to be developed by Zarel that is still very popular. The game is primarily focused on the fighting aspect that is the core of the Pokemon game. The game can be highly customized that allows players to pick the Pokemon and their attack sets and the items they use. The game’s strategy-oriented gameplay lets you fight against opponents online, while the victor is chosen by the player who can remove all 6 Pokemon of the opponent.


The game was created by Matheus Valadares, this live-action game requires quick reaction time as well as an eye for the hunt. The player begins as a tiny circle within a larger map that contains others players, as well as colored dots. The colored dots you eat increase you’re a circle. You are also able to consume other players as if you are bigger than them. In the same way, any circle that is larger than what you can eat will take you out of the game. The goal is to be the last circle to be eliminated from the game.

4. Town of Salem

If you enjoyed Among Us, you will enjoy this game. Created in 2014 by BlankMediaGames 2014 the game randomly places players in towns as neutral mafia, or a townsperson. Townies must track down ways to stop members of the mafia while mafia members have to take out the most neutral people they possibly can. There are various capabilities and roles in the game, which make the game extremely enjoyable to play.

5. A Dark Room

If you are a fan of word-based games of strategy or dungeon crawlers A Dark Room will be the game you’ll be playing. The game was released in 2013, by Doublespeak Games, you are trapped in a post-apocalyptic city and have to locate resources to build your town. To be able to progress in the game, you have to get your characters more powerful weaponry and armor. The game is completely built around words, and it also tells a story as you learn more about what this terrifying world is about.



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