Udaariyaan August 27, 2021 Written Episode Update, Fateh is Divorcing Tejo and Jasmin Wait

Today’s episode of Udaariyaan, August 27, 2021, begins with Jasmin thinking about Fateh’s words. Fateh is at Tejo. Even he’s with Tejo, but he’s thinking about Jasmin. Fateh and Tejo have dinner together and he doesn’t answer Jasmin’s call. When Jasmin sees that Fateh doesn’t choose her, she tells herself, three more days, keep to his duties and stay with Tejo, because after that you must become mine. Then it is morning and Jasmin comes to Fateh’s house. When Jasmin reaches the gate, Tejo sees her. After that, Jasmin tells her that she will come to Tejo especially and bring this Halwa to her.

Udaariyaan August 27, 2021 Written Episode Update, Fateh is Divorcing Tejo and Jasmin Wait

Udaariyaan August 27, 2021, Jasmin gets angry after meeting Tejo

Then Tejo says thanks to her and she asks if it’s time for her lesson, if so she goes there and can drop her off. Suddenly, Jasmin asks her if she’s worried about yesterday’s case. In response to her answer, Tejo says her mood has improved after talking to Fateh. She says Fateh has told her they will try again for a baby next time. She added that they both made noodles at night and talked at night. After hearing this, Jasmin gets angry. In the next scene, Fateh meets Jasmin and she immediately asks him how the noodles were. She also says that she thinks Fateh is very happy with his wife.

Then Fateh tells you to stop while she’s spying on him. She warns Fateh that he can do whatever he wants for the next two days. Fateh tells her that she knows very well that Tejo is under emotional stress and that she is her sister than how she can be so insensitive to her sister. After hearing this, Jasmin says she knows that Fateh had promised to live and die with her, what did he promise Tejo. She says go and try, because he still has two nights to get Tejo pregnant. Then Fateh says what a nonsense, Tejo is his wife and they stay together, why does she get angry. Suddenly, Fateh gets a call from Tejo and when he calls her, she says her car is broken and the car and taxi strike is underway.

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Udaariyaan Tonight’s episode, Jasmin warns Fateh to live his two days with Tejo

She asks him if he can come and get her. Fateh says yes without thinking, and then Jasmin says something, tell her no as he is with Jasmin. He says she’s my wife and I have some responsibilities. She asks him about the responsibilities towards her, but Fateh leaves from there. Tejo is with Candy and she asks him to go home. But he asks her to come along and then Fateh comes. She tells Fateh about Candy and says he is her new boyfriend. Candy sees him and says he is a boxer’s uncle and says that his mother told him that Fateh is her old friend. Then Tejo says he talks a lot. Then Tejo asks him to go home again, but he says she wants to go boxing with Uncle.

Simran gets there and stops after seeing Candy with Fateh. She starts to cry and Candy says, Mommy. Tejo suddenly turns and sees Simran and then Candy says she is his mother. Simran hides and then Fateh asks where his mother is. Candy says she’s there, but Tejo tells him to go home again. Then Candy asks Fateh to come along, but Fateh says he has some work, he will come to his house next time. After this, Candy goes to Simran and hugs her. So the full episode story airs tonight. The episode of Udaariyaan on August 27, 2021 will be exciting and captivating. So don’t forget to watch the entire episode at 7pm on Colors TV only. Otherwise, stay connected with All Social Updates to get more written updates of trending daily soups.

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