Udaariyaan on August 28, 2021 Written Episode Update, Fateh ends with both Tejo and Jasmin

Udaariyaan’s Written Episode Update on August 28, 2021 will take a shocking turn. As we all already know, the story of the show always surprises everyone because of some exceptional twists. Now the upcoming episode starts with Fateh is at the mall. He saw Tejo and Buzo there together. Let us make it clear to you that Tejo and Buzo are there to shop for Simran. They laugh at each other, which makes Fateh want to know more about what Tejo is doing there. Before calling, Gurpreet’s words race through his mind, as he has already told him that Fateh believes Tejo is a righteous girl.

Udaariyaan on August 28, 2021 Written Episode Update, Fateh ends with both Tejo and Jasmin

Udaariyaan on August 28, 2021, Tejo lies to Fateh about her whereabouts

Now he can’t be wrong about her, but he still calls her and asks. After calling Tejo, Fateh pretends to casually ask her whereabouts. As we already know, Tejo does not want to reveal the relationship between Simran and Buzo to Fateh. After Fateh asks her, she lies to him and says that she came to the NGO to teach some children.

When Fateh hears this, he is completely stunned and only one question occurs to him as to why Tejo lied to him. He is still confused and to remove it Fateh calls Buzo and asks.

After Buzo answers the call, he also lied to him to hide the truth that he is at the mall with Tejo. Now, Fateh’s mind is just out of control and has gone mad thinking about Tejo’s character. He thinks that when he cheats on Tejo in his marriage, he is being cheated on by Tejo. Meanwhile, Fateh reaches the house, but he is still thinking about Tejo and Buzo’s supposed affair.

Somehow Fateh is in love with Tejo and he cannot tolerate her with anyone else. In his anger he breaks the glass and gets his hand bleeding.

Udaariyaan Tonight’s Episode, Tejo Finds Fateh in Rage

Tejo returns home to find Fateh with his hand bleeding and anger in his eyes. She asks him about the injury. In response to her, Fateh tells Tejo that he is not sad or angry. But Tejo clearly sees his anger and asks him to tell everything. She goes on to say that she will solve all his problems, but for that he has to tell everything.

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Tejo knows how to get Fateh in the mood and prepares a candlelight dinner. Suddenly Buzo gets there and he sees Fateh and Tejo spending their personal time. But Tejo asks him to join them and make Fateh laugh by making them funny jokes.

Fateh gets Tejo’s chit and he likes her gesturing. On the other hand, Buzo invites Tejo to join Simran and Candy’s celebration. After that, Tejo also revealed that she lied to Fateh in order to make a day very special for Candy. Buzo makes a joke and Tejo laughs a lot. Gurpreet wants Fateh to confront Tejo, but Fateh’s mood lifts when he sees his favorite dish.

If Gurpreet finds them happy, he thinks Tejo has wronged Fateh. On the other hand, Jasmin is also angry with Fateh. Bebe suggests that Jasmin take her boyfriend out and calm her anger.

Udaariyaan on August 28, 2021, Jasmin apologizes to Fateh

Jasmin thinks it’s the right way to meet Fateh. She goes to the academy and meets Fateh. She tries to please him by requesting a boxing match between them. But he asks her to leave and then she says she wants to prove the strength of her love. Afterwards, Jasmin apologizes to Fateh and promises that she will never lie to him again. Then Fateh tells her that he has had enough of her and their affair.

Fateh clearly tells her that Jasmin is making his problems worse. On the other hand, Bebe starts to have doubts about Jasmin when she meets Sweety at the market. What will happen next is really interesting and worth watching.

To watch the full episode of the most prominent daily soup, all you have to do is stick with Colors TV. You can watch the episode tonight at 7 p.m. where the full story of the upcoming episode is shown by the makers. Udaariyaan on August 28, 2021 will be long awaited and drive everyone crazy to watch it. To know further written updates, stay connected with All Social Updates, we will always be here for everyone.

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