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Vanessa Ferlito


Vanessa Ferlito is an American actress. She is most well-known for playing the role of Detective Aiden Burn on the CSI: NY series. She also has a recurring role as Claudia Hernandez on the same show. Here are the facts you should know about Vanessa Ferlito. We’ve collected all the relevant information from her Biography, Social Media Profiles, and Facts. Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of her career.


Vanessa Ferlito is an American actress who is best known for her role as Detective Aiden Burn on the popular television series CSI: NY. Despite her fame and acceptance worldwide, Ferlito has maintained a low profile and has denied rumors of plastic surgery. She also maintains a high level of privacy, preferring to talk about her work and career than her personal life. This Biography of Vanessa Ferlito tells the story of this talented and inspiring actress.

Ferlito was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her father died of a drug overdose when she was two years old. She grew up in a single-parent household with her mother and grandmother. She stands at a height of five feet, six inches, or 1.68 meters. She began her career at age 23, in a small role on the television show The Sopranos. Her success on the show led to further roles in films and television series.

Social Media Profiles

The social media pages of actress Vanessa Ferlito can be accessed through her website and her personal Twitter account. Ferlito is a native of Brooklyn, New York, where her parents died from a heroin overdose when she was two. She was raised by her mother, who owns a hair salon. Before she was an actress, Ferlito was a Wilhelmina model and “club kid” in New York City. She is a single mother and gave birth to her son in September 2007.

In 2014, Ferlito was spotted hugging filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. She has not been married since 2007, and has been reportedly unfaithful ever since. Her social media profiles are active and well-maintained. She has been unmarried since 2007. She is a professional actor, known for her roles in television series. Her most famous role in television was as FBI Agent Charlie DeMarco on the USA Network’s Graceland. Her other roles include Claudia Hernandez in the television series 24, and Aida Burn in the CBS procedural series CSI: NY.


If you are a fan of CSI: NY, you have probably heard about Vanessa Ferlito. But, did you know that she has many other interesting facts as well? The actress has a fascinating biography and a surprisingly long list of movies to her credit. Read on to discover more about this famous actress. Vanessa Ferlito was born on December 28, 1980, in Brooklyn, New York. She was raised by her mother and stepfather and suffered through a rough childhood. She began to discover her passions at a young age, and has worked hard to pursue them ever since.

As a former fashion designer and model, Ferlito sported several different roles before settling down to pursue her acting career. While she initially pursued an unimportant career as a model, she eventually moved into the fashion industry and became a famous model for Wilhelmina. In 2007, she gave birth to a son named Vince Ferlito. Although she has not confirmed the paternity of the child, she was rumored to be involved with actor Quentin Tarantino.

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