Vickida No Varghodo Day 3 Box Office Collection Report-

Vickida No Varghodo Day 3 Box Office Collection Report-

Thank you for coming to our website as in this post we will provide information on the box office earnings for Vickida No Varghodo Movie on the third day. Let us say that this is an extremely excellent film. It will be released in the theaters in India on July 8th, 2022. This is an Gujarati language film where you will see dramatic and comedy. for more details, I’ll say that the filmmaker of the film will be Rahul Bhole. Vinit Kanojia directed the film very well, and this film remains a huge success. Monal Gajjar Manasirac Jinal Belani All the actors have done a great job in this film, so you must see this film once and must get all the details about it. We will provide you with the box office earnings for 3rd day in the film. We will provide information about the movie below in a table .

Vickida No Varghodo Day 2 Box Office Collection

DayDATEBox Office Collection
Day 18 July 2022R 0.1 Cr * rough information
Day 29 July 20220.20 Cr * may earn 0.20 Cr * may earn
Day 310 July 20220.20 Cr * may earn 0.20 Cr * may earn
TotalJulyRs 0.50 Cr

Vickida No Varghodo Day 2 Box Office Collection

We hope you are aware of the box office earnings from the Vickida No Varghodo movie on the third day since we’ve stated in the table above that the movie has a zero point with a 20-crore collection on the third day. For more details, let me say that the movie has a total of zero points of Rs 100000000 during the first day, and this film earned 20 crores at zero point on its second day, as per this figure, if the entire box office revenue of the film is considered. Thus, zero point has been considered 50 crores. If it is viewed in accordance with the budget of the movie which is considered a good collection since about the sum of five or six million dollars were spent on making a Gujarati film. The film is said to be extremely good and if, as per the box office figures, it will be of 20 points zero 40 crores a day, this is an excellent collection. I can assure you that it’s an excellent collection. It is a movie is a must-see If you can go to it as quickly as you can. If you’d like it, visit your local theater and enjoy this film.

Vickida No Varghodo
Vickida No Varghodo

Vickida No Varghodo The Budget and the chance to hit or flop

We will provide you with the complete details of Vickida No Varghodo movie budget and the movie’s hits and flops, how much money has been put into this movie and whether or not this film is likely to be a success or failure, then this information I will tell you that a budget of Rs 5000000 was set aside to make the film and, if we are talking about the success and failure of the film, there is no information about it , as the movie was released to India on July 8, 2022. The box office collections of between 15 and 20 days for this film will be reviewed, we will have information about the success and failure of the film, but let me assure you that this film is based on 5 crores. If it makes more than that, the movie is likely to be a huge success. If it earns less than 50000000 , then it will be deemed to be a disaster and as soon as we know more about the movie’s success and failure we will inform users via this article. In this article, you can be informed about the success and flops in this film.


Vickida No Varghodo Movie Details

In this article, we will provide you with the details of the Vickida No Varghodo movie in incredible detail by way of a table below. It will tell you the date was the film made available, which language is the film in which country, which director is responsible for the film and who is the producer of this film and what are the principal actors involved in the movie and who is the distributor of this film in addition to the producer of the movie If you’d like to learn more about the above that you need, then look at the table listed below. With the table provided you will find many details on the particulars of the film.

Directed byRahul Bhole
Vinit Kanojia
Produced bySharad Patel
Shreyanshi Patel
Vikas Agarwal
Pankaj Keshruwala
Ajay Shroff
Ashissh Pattel
Nirav Patel
Pritish Shah (co-producer)
StarringMalhar Thakar
Monal Gajjar
Manasi Rac
Jinal Benali
SP Cinecorp
Janvi Productions
Rishiv Films
Distributed byRupam Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Sp Cinecorp Cinematic Ventures
Date for release8 July 2022


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