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In Kichcha Sudeep’s movie Vikrant Rona directed by Anup Bhandari, Sudeep plays the title character in the upcoming movie. The Vikrant Rona shooting started in March 2020 in Hyderabad. It was initially called Phantom, but was later changed to Vikrant Rona. The makers also announced that the film’s title logo will be released on January 31 at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Here is Vikrant Rona Movie Cast, Release Date, Story and all.

Vikrant Rona Film Release Date

However, the production of the film was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. In July 2020, the shooting of Vikrant Rona resumed in Hyderabad. Now the film Vikrant Rona will hit theaters on August 19. The film will be released in 14 languages ​​in 3D including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. Vikrant Rona hits theaters on August 19.

Vikrant Rona Film Cast

Vikrant Rona is an action thriller film starring Kichcha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari and Neetha Ashok.

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How To Watch Vikrant Rona Movie Online

How To Watch Kichcha Sudeep 2021 Movie Vikrant Rona. Well, as of now, Vikrant Rona movie is not available to stream on major streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. This movie was released in theaters on August 19, 2021. Viewers can see ‘Vikrant Rona Movie’ in the cinema.

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