Upcoming VOOT Web Series List 2022

VOOT Web Series List

Upcoming VOOT web series list 2022 will have plenty to offer, with some promising shows that you must watch. For example, the political thriller Scam 2003 will be featured. The psychological thriller Asur will also be featured, while children will enjoy Decoupled, a series that will appeal to the senses. If you want to get ahead in this web series genre, check out this list of titles.

Scam 2003 is a political thriller

In the next season of Scam 2003, Hansal Mehta brings his acclaimed story of a curios case from India. The series, tentatively titled Scam 2003: The Curious Case of Abdul Karim Telgi, will follow the story of a man who allegedly made a fortune printing fake stamp paper. Voot has listed Scam 2003 as the number one most-anticipated web series of 2022.


Asur is a psychological thriller

If you’re looking for a new drama to watch on the internet, there are a few good choices in Hindi-language web series. Asur was released on the Voot platform in March of 2020 and is already in its second season. The series will feature a new cast and several acclaimed actors. The second season will also feature new faces in the cast.

Pachinko is a crime television series

Pachinko is a new korean crime television series coming to Apple TV. The series will be adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name and will be presented in English, Japanese, and Korean. It will be multilingual and will begin with a forbidden love story and will eventually unfold across Japan, the US, and Korea. Featuring a compelling cast of talented young actors, Pachinko promises to be a riveting watch.

Decoupled is an animated series for kids

The plot of Decoupled centers on an independent couple in the modern world, Arya and Shruti. The couple are considering divorce, so they throw a decoupling party for each other. The basic story revolves around conversations related to divorce, which create an entertaining and dark-ironic tone. This web series for kids is worth a watch if you have young children.

Hush Hush is a crime television series

The upcoming crime drama on Amazon Prime, Hush, features an almost all-female cast. With award-winning actresses on board, this series is bound to be a hit. The six-part series will focus on the struggles of six female leads in a male-dominated world. Ultimately, the story will uncover the truth behind what lies behind the masks women wear to keep their loved ones safe.

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