What is Star wars Cat Token SWCAT

What is Star wars Cat Token SWCAT
What is Star wars Cat Token SWCAT


In this article, we’ll discuss information about the Star Wars Cat project and SWCAT token. What is Star Wars Cat (SWCAT) | What is SWCAT token?

Star Wars Cat is an NFT concept development and RPG game that uses the underlying blockchain to design the assets on the Star Wars Cat chain to collect, produce, exchange, grow, team, breed, and play, thereby realize the concept of anonymous interaction in the community and trust in the cat meta universe on the blockchain. The distributed network realized by blockchain technology allows people to conduct peer-to-peer transactions. People can exchange and communicate without using third-party authentication. For the convenience of players, Star Wars Cat will be deployed on the BSC chain first.

Star Wars Cat Ecological Background and NFT Development


NFT’s Chinese name is Non-Homogenized Token. The most famous event is the successful trading of digital artwork NFT worth $69 million which has since created, made the rise of the concept of NFT. Star Wars Cat as an NFT product means each cat is unique (refer to crypto cats), and each series of cats are produced by the artist and the team in collaboration. When it has a collectible value, you can also feed the cat to grow. After its growth, the cat turns into another form. Moreover, each cat can join in the cat metaverse game to participate in the farm mining, entertainment, and communication. In the cat metaverse, players can play various entertainment games from adopting kittens to nurturing adults, and some games require cats to be raised to adulthood before they can participate

In the selection of public chains, Star Wars Cat will first consider the public chains with the most users and perfect communities, such as Ethereum, BSC, SOL, Polygon and so on. At a later stage, multiple chains will be deployed to give users more choices.

Star Wars Cat construction

Star Wars Cat is called “Star Wars Cat” because the brave and warlike cats will continue to improve and develop the interstellar space, and build the most magnificent and interesting interstellar scene in the blockchain universe together.

  • Blind Box : The Blind Box Store currently has four Blind Boxes for sale, where players can adopt kittens to work on the farm to earn SWCAT game tokens and feed them as they grow. When kittens are fed to adult shape, they will have randomly generated attributes that will determine the winning rate of the upcoming cat game against the monsters. Mature cats will be able to participate in more entertaining games to earn SWCAT game tokens.
  • Collection: Adopt multiple cats for breeding to adulthood, of which only 1,888 Genesis royal cats are open for adoption in each chain, and the remaining royal cats will be produced by the 1,888 middle females. Each player can only take a maximum of two royal cats, and the royal cats can not only breed, but also have dividends and higher attributes. Of course, all other cats are indispensable members of the whole ecology, collecting each series of cats. The collection of each series of cats can add up to extra counting power in the pre-farm and dig up more game tokens. The future cat series also has reproductive properties when adopted to a female cat. In the mid-term, more entertainment game play will be introduced. You can use each series to cast more advanced attributes to participate in the game battle, helping you to earn more game tokens and ladder ranking rewards each period.
  • Trading: The Star Wars Cat uses an Automated Market Maker (AMM) mechanism to allow cats to exchange their favorite tokens. They can also be traded in the Casino for costumes and entertainment items.
  • Mining: In the early stages, cats can earn SWCAT game tokens by working on the farm, or they can deposit specific LPs to get a unique series of cat blind boxes; they can also deposit specific single tokens to get a unique series of cat blind boxes or other tokens.
  • Breeding: Members of the Star Wars cat metaverse. The Genesis Royal and Future series can be mated to expand their family member ranks. It is worth mentioning that female members are rare animals on the planet, and should be cherished.
  • Auction: In the interstellar auction house, players can shoot any items and rare props they want, even the honorable members of the interstellar Genesis Royal Family will also appear in the planet auction house.
  • Gamefi: Cat metaverse mid-term will feature territorial battles and group interstellar exploration games for each series of cats. More SWCAT game coins and ladder ranking prize Knight, rich props and game coins will all be produced in the game.
  • Casino: The casino game ecology was invented and built by the Star Wars Cat Sovereign Wealth Fund, which provides all the entertainment and game experience you can think of, and will be built as the first entertainment game kingdom on the planet.
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SWCAT is a Star Wars Cat token issued by Star Wars Cat for use in all trading environments under Star Wars Cat, relying on the blockchain for issuance.

Total number of SWCAT issuance: 10,000,000,000.

Pass distribution model

  • 2% tokens to add liquidity
  • 2% token airdrop operation
  • 5% token team incentive (released quarterly in three years)
  • 3% token institutional share (released in two years)
  • 88% tokens are produced by farms and games.

SWCAT Token Withdrawal Tax Allocation

SWCAT tokens gained in the Star War Cats, when withdrawing tokens, each withdrawal of tokens will be deducted 10% tax, of which 5% into the level 3 – Future Cat Series, Arbiter Series NFT holders share (this 5% are 2% for Future Cat Series holders, 3% for Arbiter Series holders). 3% goes to all coin holders for dividends; 2% for adding liquidity

Future Vision

At a time when the forces of the meta-universe continue to expand, Star Wars Cat hopes to build a new metauniverse system that is simple, perfect, interesting, and injects new vitality into the Star Wars Cat meta-universe. The core point of Star Wars Cat is the combination application of GAME+DeFi+NFT. The addition of NFT can build a unique intergalactic culture IP, and the economic model and strategic development roadmap of Star Wars Cat are clearly planned. And it can link real-world physical assets.

The GAME+DeFi+NFT economic deflation, dividends, reproduction, pre-farm slots, entertainment play, and game ecology established by Star Wars Cat is an economic model for the perfect structure of the meta-universe, and we hope to get rid of the traditional 2.0 DeFi project’s short-lived outbreak and guide GAME+DeFi+NFT through the innovative improvement of the economic model. DeFi to a sustainable development path. NFT is not just an art set card. Let history witness the value of the Star Wars Cat meta-universe game ecology, so that every believer can get the long-term benefits of this interstellar revolution.

Star Wars Cat strategic development route

● Genesis

  • Community establishment and Star Wars Cat committee is established.
  • BSC, ETH and contract based deployment, product testing, core layout and business logic refinement.
  • Structured a sound economic model, development roadmap, and expected progress of game development.
  • Invited the first batch of three-party partners, community leaders and intended users to move in. White paper 1.0 was officially released.

● Pioneering

  • Test NFT zone and launch completed, opened the channel to exchange NFT.
  • Launched the first round of SWCAT airdrop for the community, KOL, etc. Star Wars Cat pre-sale.
  • 1888 Genesis Cat Emperor and ordinary cat boxes opened for redemption.
  • SWCAT was officially chained to add liquidity and redeemed through SWAP.

● Evolution

  • Star NFT trading platform was launched.
  • Opened the pre-emptive farm card slot to activate the interstellar war cat arithmetic for mining.
  • On-line cat casino part of the ecological entertainment play
  • Opened up feeding growth and maternity scene functions
  • Opened the Future Cat and Royal Cat daily dividend and coin holding dividend system.
  • Carried out brand promotion, selected high-quality community cooperation, and strived to complete the first on the second-tier head exchange on the coin.
  • Carried out chain data in the early stage in the Star Battle Cat which had a trading platform that contributed to the mutual exchange over the address for airdrop return.

● Sublimation

  • Conquest, an interstellar exploration game online was announced in the game scene of winning tokens and season ranking award. Knight announced the game equipment props, properties, and the game detailed strategy.
  • Committee gradually faded out of management, listened to the community’s views, increased trading platforms, new features and play.
  • Gradually launched more casino play, the game ecology. With the community after all, see for the direction of the development strategy to give back to the community members. Star wars cat meta-universe diversified architecture content gradually realized and opened multi-chain design deployment.
  • The total number of Star Wars Cat meta-universe holders and community members reached 1 million people, and no less than 200 people participated in governance.

How and Where to Buy SWCAT token?

 SWCAT token is now live on the Binance mainnet. The token address for SWCAT is 0x98b6e33e77a55732f0e2ce595429144b18ce862c. Be cautious not to purchase any other token with a smart contract different from this one (as this can be easily faked). We strongly advise to be vigilant and stay safe throughout the launch. Don’t let the excitement get the best of you.

Just be sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.


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