Which Teams Have The Best Chances of Winning the 2022/23 NBA title?

With the NBA Summer League underway, the fans are slowly starting to give their attention to the basketball activities in the best league in the world. The entire free agency is still on, and apart from some action on the floor, we have much more off the court. 

Which Teams Have The Best Chances of Winning the 2022/23 NBA title?

Despite being early, one of the biggest questions now is which team has the best chances of winning the Larry O’Brien trophy? There are several franchises that are the most frequent among the fans’ NBA picks, and we will present them in the upcoming few lines. 

The top is reserved for the current East champions, the Boston Celtics, who were pretty darn close to snapping the silverware at the end of the previous year, but lost pace against the Warriors after the fourth game. The Cs’ kept pretty much all the players from the previous campaign, adding a few more names, the biggest Danilo Gallinari and Malcolm Brogdon. Tatum, Brown, and Smart are still in Boston, meaning that this unit is extremely strong. 

Golden State Warriors, the reigning champs, are leveled with the Celtics. The Dub Nation not only has Steph Curry, who was in magnificent shape in the 2021/22 season but lots of other young guys with extreme potential. Jordan Poole, Kevon Looney, Jonathan Kuminga, of course, with Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson.


Steph and Klay are veterans, but the way they play, the Dub Nation will be among the top favorites for the title for a long time. Curry is coming off a beautiful playoff, in which he reminded everyone that he is still the best guard in the league.

The LA Clippers brought John Wall and now have a super trio, Leonard-George-Wall. The arrival of one of the best point guards in the last decade fired the imagination of the Clippers fans, who didn’t expect such a significant addition to the already robust roster. 

LAC has one of the deepest squads in the NBA, and with Wall’s landing at the Crypto.com Arena, it is no wonder why once the worst franchise in the NBA now threatens to attack the Larry O’Brien trophy. Kawhi will be healthy, the same is expected from Paul George, who recently got married, so the Clips are back in business. 

For many, the Milwaukee Bucks are the top favorites for the NBA title. Two summers ago, Mike Budenholzer’s crew was better than the Suns in six games, going all the way and seizing the throne. Giannis is the most dominant guy in the NBA, Middleton is the best sidekick, and apart from the two, Budenholzer has many high-quality players at his disposal. 

According to the NBA picks today, the next echelon of the favorites consists of three names – Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Phoenix did a massive job by keeping Booker and Ayton after signing contracts with these guys. They pretty much secured the future for the upcoming few years. On the other side, this means that Kevin Durant probably won’t land in Arizona because the Suns have no assets to make the trade. 

The Miami Heat are pushing hard on the market to land one more superstar because, unlike the Suns, they have plenty of trading goods. They were one inch away from the NBA Finals but lost in seven games to the Celtics. 

And the last name on our list is the Philadelphia 76ers. James Harden signed a new deal, PJ Tucker came to Philly, while De’Anthony Melton ended up at the same place after the draft. With Maxey, Harris, and Embiid, of course, this team looks very competitive and powerful. The Beard and the Process might create the most dominant offensive duo in the league, and if that happens, the Sixers would be very serious. 

In short, these teams are the top contenders for the title, and most of them will be in your everyday NBA picks and parlays

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