Will Selling Sunset Season 4 Introduce New Cast Members?

Will Selling Sunset Season 4 Introduce New Cast Members?
Will Selling Sunset Season 4 Introduce New Cast Members?

Ready for season four of Selling Sunset? Well, we sure are all just like you. When COVID peaked in 2020 and most of the world


was quarantined, we can safely say so Selling Sunset was one of those golden Netflix shows that kept us going and helped us escape to another world, away from the horrors of reality. It was also easy to binge, as Netflix dropped seasons two and three just months apart.

However, it has been a while since fans of the reality TV show have released a new season of Selling Sunset, but rest assured, because season four is heading our way very, very soon. Not only that, but Netflix has also confirmed that fans of the reality TV series are also getting a fifth season of Selling Sunset! We’re getting the new season of the much-loved and popular series later in the year, so let’s check out all the deets on the series here.

Who will be back in the series?

Probably the most important question viewers are wondering is whether the same cast will return for season four of Selling Sunset. Will new people join the show? Well, it turns out Netflix spilled on May 26 that season four will definitely have some new brokers. The first new hire is described as “Vanessa Villela, a Mexican-American novela star turned real estate agent”.

Netflix also announced another newcomer to the show, which is “Emma Hernan, an entrepreneur who has an interesting history with the ladies”. hmm. . . We wonder what exactly ‘an interesting history with the ladies’ means, but we’ll have to wait and see. We’re sure it’s going to be really good in season four of Selling Sunset. As for the current existing cast, they would all return.

When season three of the TV series dropped, it was reported that Brett and other cast members apparently decided to leave the real estate business behind. Christine explained: “Brett has left to start his own brokerage business. It could be the realtors’ struggle! I think season four will be the juiciest season ever.” Chrishell also said that “we can’t all get along. . . Some people have left, the brokerage has split. . . there is a lot to pick up.”

When does it fall?

Now that we know some extra information about who to expect in Selling Sunset season four, we’re probably even more excited to see more of the show now. However, when can we expect a new season on Netflix? As it turns out, the new episodes started filming over the weekend of May 8 when the show’s brokers confirmed on their social media accounts that the cameras have indeed started rolling.

Heather shared on her Instagram account:Me and my GIRLS, back like we never left 😚💖 It’s been so long since we could all be in the office together, but we’re back and SO happy to be reunited!!!” and Chrishell also shared with her fans: “I love it when I do things I enjoy, with people I love, can be called ‘work’”. Mary also added to fans: “We’re back baby! Sunset Season 4 & 5 sales are coming your way!!! ️🎥”.

Well, we can’t wait to see season four of Selling Sunset, and given everything the past season has left us, we know the new episodes are sure to be interesting. Let us know your predictions and thoughts on what the new episodes will be like in the comments.

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